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IADN is the International Alpha Developers Network

  • The Alpha Software forum: Link
  • The IADN forum: Link
  • The free Friday Noon (New York time) Alpha Developers Network User Group webinar:Link
  • IADN's LinkedIn site (for active Alpha Developers only): Link
  • AlphaToGo Web Application information page:

Annual Support Packages

  • We provide annual support options for web hosting, software application maintenance, product enhancement and application design consultation. Please use our Contact form to request support.

Short-term Hourly Support and Mentoring

  • Our current hourly rate is $150/hour.
Block of support hours at current rate.
Block of support hours at current rate. Minimum purchase is $500.00
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One Time Server Setup (for your Alpha Five application)
Includes configuring Alpha Five Web Application Server, set up backup systems, set up server security, bandwidth monitor, AlwaysUp (add $35.00), FTP Server, configure email, configure Firewall and test publishing from Alpha Five client application.
Database: NA
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Database: {DATABASE}
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Turnkey Software Application Projects

  • We provide turnkey software product development. Please click here to submit a Project Request or call us at 1-800-779-7789 (USA) or 510-247-1577.

AlphaToGo Web Application Framework Support

  • You receive the message "There is a newer verion of Registration": Click here and enter your license number. Download the new "wt.aex". Find your existing WT.AEX file and back it up for safe keeping. Then copy the downloaded WT.AEX and overwrite your existing file. Publish this file to your web project and resart the Alpha Five Web Application Server. Retry your registration, call AlphaToGo if you still have a problem.
  • You receive the message "License not valid or not found in our list": Please ensure you entered the correct license number. Call AlphaToGo if the problem persists.