Annual Support Packages

The purpose of our application support is to ensure smooth, trouble-free operations of your Alpha Anywhere software application. We have expertise in Alpha Anywhere, database administration, hosting environments, and related hardware and software. Our proactive support is designed to allow us to gain experience with your application over time. Basic support takes the form of remote troubleshooting and support provided via telephone and online channels.

Our support includes

  1. Access to a qualified software developer with appropriate expertise. This includes ability to bring in additional support and subject matter experts as needed.
  2. A guaranteed response time for emergencies and ongoing project tasks.
  3. A Support Ticket method to keep track of all open and past issues.
  4. Retention of required information to perform support autonomously.
  5. Optional proactive monthly checklist* providing a system snapshot with reporting of anomalies, security concerns and other errors and recommendations.

Support Fees

  • Standard support fee of $800/month for all that is included in this document.*
  • Pre-purchased hours at a rate of $160/hour. You may purchase as many contrated hours as desired.
  • Standard non-contract or if not pre-purchased on contract is $185/hour.

Information we Keep on Hand


  • VPN credentials to access server, etc
  • Remote Desktop and Windows credentials
  • Multiple credentials to log in and test the application
  • Credentials for the database (often multiple)


  • Alpha Anywhere products
  • AlwaysUp and other related software
  • SSL Certificate re-licensing keys

Ongoing Notes

  • Client’s protocol document (rules you establish for how we operate)
  • Release notes as system is updated
  • Client-provided task and project notes
  • Contract and agreements notes and documents
  • Major process notes and flowcharts as needed

Monthly Checklist Description

The Monthly Checklist is designed to capture a snapshot of the health of your application and environment once each month. In addition to static information such as drive space, we review error and access logs and other information to uncover potential performance, security or other issues. Based on the information we collect, we provide recommendations for system updates, changes or protective measures.
  1. Monthly Snapshot and communication
    • Document any application errors along with urgency and recommended action 
    • Post checklist follow up with client via telephone conversation
    • Document changes or major maintenance during this period
    • Confirm database and application backups are working properly
    • Document Microsoft Windows Update and latest status
    • Document available drive space
    • Document any evidence of rogue attacks
    • Confirm SSL certificate validity check
  2. Document the Application Environment
    • Deployment environment 
    • Computers included in review
    • Software or services used 
    • Application security methods 
    • Source and version control method
    • Computer specs – RAM, O/S, processors, etc.
  3. Document Alpha Application Parameters
    • Alpha Version and licenses renewal dates
    • Alpha Logs
    • Alpha Security Policy 
    • Web Server configuration
  4. Document Application Configuration 
    • Application configuration including security policy
    • Alpha Anywhere web Server configuration 
    • Location of logs, SSL certificates, etc
    • AlwaysUp configuration if applicable
    • Load Balancer configuration (if applicable)
    • Current version of JavaScript and JQuery
*Monthly support fee may be higher for more complex or if support is routinely required outside of M-F, 6AM to 6PM. Pacific Time.