Title: LifeStatus360
Category: Benefits
Description: This application is used by large corporations and benefit and social security organizations to determine who is eligible for ongoing benefits. It processes death information provided by the US government and other sources into a sophisticated system used by benefit investigators. The system meets HIPAA and NIST privacy and security rules and has an A+ security rating.
Title: Oerca Utilities
Category: Animal Management
Description: I have built a series of utilities that are incorporated into a larger application use in multiple countries. All of these utilities us the most recent "UX" component features of Alpha Anywhere. This is part of an enhancement process in a highly competitive environment where the look and feel as well as modern functionality is very important. The screenshot shows just one of the many utilities that I have developed for this organization.
Oerca Utilities
Title: Alpha Load Balancer
Category: Load Balancer
Description: Technically not an Alpha Anywhere application, this utility was written in a language called GO. I took several available open source applications and modified them to be suitable to provide "load balancing" for Alpha Anywhere web applications. Load Balancing refers to spreading internet traffic and processing across multiple "Instances" of Alpha Anywhere in order to improve performance on large and/or highly visited web and mobile applications.

Help documentation may be found here.
Alpha Load Balancer
Title: Statistically Similar Scholastic Achievement Analysis
Category: Statistics
Description: Provided school administrators with a local utility (e.g., not web-based per security rules) to upload confidential student-achievement data from public and private school database and compare the student to nationwide norms, and then provide a "de-personalized" report indicating this student's achievement compared to base statistics. This application has a minimal user-interface and is heavy on the processing code. Significant statistical number processing - used student demographics to find "statistically-similar" students in order to make the scholastic-achievement comparison. 
Statistically Similar Scholastic Achievement Analysis
Title: KwikAlert
Category: Mailbox
Description: This application is used by small mailbox businesses to alert their customers when important mail has arrived in their box. It is structured to allow the mailbox employee to very rapidly update status for all mailboxes. Unlike larger commercial applications, this system allows the mailbox manager to selectively alert their customers (not all mail is that important). It also allows the customer to be alerted when their mailbox is full, or payment is due.
Title: DNA Matching for Crime Scene Analysis
Category: Law Enforcement
Description: This application takes DNA Matches from a main frame application and prepares them for viewing by police, district attorney and others. Effectively shows all matches to a given DNA swab across multiple non-associated events. Used in court cases to convict criminals and by police to follow up on potential crime scene leads.
DNA Matching for Crime Scene Analysis
Title: Trinav Boat Brokerage
Category: Online Sales
Description: This is a truly massive application for a boat broker with offices in USA and Canada. It provides a one-stop-shop for other boat dealers and individual buyers for all-things Boat. Due to the data source a tremendous amount of hand coding was required.
Trinav Boat Brokerage
Title: After-School Enrollment and Mentoring System
Category: Non Profit
Description: Massive online system for managing a significant portion of non-profit administration of Activities for disadvantaged children. Provides Activity Scheduling and Management, Funding Sources and Donors, Online Activity Enrollment, online Employment Enrollment, online Tutor Program Enrollment -- each of those enrollments have a rigorous duplication removal process. Includes Tutor Requests, Tutoring Management and Assessment (State, Country, Region and Custom Learning Standards). Includes Personnel Management and Certification. Includes K12, PreK and Teacher Utilities (including mandatory data uploads for evaluation). Includes some of the most complicated reports, charts and graphs I have designed.
After-School Enrollment and Mentoring System
Title: Alpha Web Application Framework
Category: Alpha Utility
Description: This is the foundation application for ALL of my web applications.
It provides for User Management, Security, Web Application Setup, Content Management, Event Management, and has features such as auto-purging of inactive users, and the ability to 'shut off' the website from any browser. Visit the AlphaToGo Framework information site.
Alpha Web Application Framework
Title: Generic "drop in" Shopping Cart Module
Category: Shopping Cart
Description: This is a shopping cart module designed to "drop in" to an existing Alpha application. It is sold to other Alpha Anywhere developers who need a ready-made shopping cart. It is designed for electronic download items such as software, documents, memberships. It has a complete integration with PayPal which includes receiving transaction information back from PayPal to update local records (confirming that the user did in fact pay for the items before processing the order).
Title: Software Developer Time and Materials Accounting
Category: Accounting
Description: Use this system to keep track of subcontracted projects. It accounts for billable hours, non-billable hours, "donated" hours (it happens), purchase price for materials, contracted "free" hours monthly support, flat-fee negotiations. It manages invoicing in batches so I can invoice for any period. Includes ability to kick out project billing summaries to clients and times sheets to my bookkeeper. Ties in to another system that keeps track of online sales and cost and kicks the whole thing out to Quickbooks.
Software Developer Time and Materials Accounting
Title: Insurance Policy Management
Category: Insurance
Description: An online system for managing insurance policies. Includes document generation and storage, calculation of premiums, client maintenance, policy riders and updates, shareholder information and insurance claims.
Insurance Policy Management
Title: E-TruckBiz
Category: Automotive
Description: A system to manage the daily transportation management for truckers. The bulk of the application was written by the company owner, while I focused on special utilities to send reminders and survey questions to truckers in order to clear them for driving, and provide continuing education.
Title: Catering and Steward's Rental System
Category: Real Estate
Description: This is an online rental equipment/services system designed for a steward supply company. It allows party organizers to place their order online, receive product, coordinate return and deal with damaged merchandize.
Catering and Steward's Rental System
Title: IADN Forum
Category: Forums
Description: I also have built and manage several User Forums such as this one for IADN.
IADN Forum
Title: CKEditor Integration for Alpha Anywhere
Category: Alpha Utility
Description: A "drop in" module for other Alpha Anywhere developers. Provide a superior HTML Editor for all text area objects. This is the award winning open-source editor named CKEditor. I added special Alpha-only functionality to make it very easy to control size, color, toolbar set, etc. I use this in every application I build.
CKEditor Integration for Alpha Anywhere
Title: iTaskMan
Category: Scheduling
Description: An online system to launch ANY web based process from a central location on a user-defined schedule. Used primarily to launch Alpha Anywhere reports (so the boss could have them on his desk at 5AM, etc.) but also could be used to launch processes in PHP, or any other system. Attempted to sell as a product but the concept did not fly.
Category: Utilities
Description: An Alpha-based CAPTCHA Module using obscured fonts over distracting background images. Used in Contact Us forms, Registration and other high-traffic spam prone areas. This product is for sale at AlphaToGo.
Title: Moves, Adds and Changes
Category: Hospital
Description: A very narrow focused application to perform moves, adds and changes in a hospital telecommunications/data environment.
Moves, Adds and Changes
Title: UrbanMenu - online food meal ordering system
Category: Online Sales
Description: UrbanMenu is a rapid meal ordering system with a lot of features designed to appeal to "corporate" users. Includes individual ordering, and company "box lunch" specials, future delivery, immediate delivery, communication with the restaurant to ensure the meal is ready to pick up by the client, or delivery scheduled. This was a collaborative effort for AlphaToGo and REA in Canada. We built the framework, address geocoding, menu structure, etc. REA built the beautiful user interface and enhanced many of the original features and added new modules.
UrbanMenu - online food meal ordering system
Title: Menu Designs Online Ordering
Category: Online Sales
Description: A fairly straight forward system to allow restaurants to order client check supplies. Included options to upload graphics, schedule delivery, etc.
Menu Designs Online Ordering
Title: Alpha Developers Network (IADN)
Category: Membership
Description: The website that you are viewing right now! This is a professional association application, professional Alpha Anywhere software developers in this case. Used to attract clients and a bring together those interested in improving our business environment.
Alpha Developers Network (IADN)
Title: Print Fulfillment System
Category: Fulfillment
Description: Online system to manage print fulfillment process. Allows clients to order a complex set of documents online (complex: multiple types, sizes, colors, etc.). Includes delivery confirmation and RUSH Order sytsem with email and mobile text messaging.
Print Fulfillment System
Title: Telcom Department Billing
Category: Telecommunications
Description: Online and desktop system designed for Facilities Management staff to account for all telecommunications cost (hardware and telephone usage). Online portion provides for Department Managers to review billing detail online and approve invoices.
Telcom Department Billing
Title: Loan Application Due Diligence
Category: Banking
Description: Used by a loan due diligence company help client qualify high value loans. They system is part contact and client management, part financial record keeping. It is designed to manage the process from start to end.
Loan Application Due Diligence
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